JADA Spices and 37 cooks!

For anyone who’s enjoyed a tasty and healthy meal, we are certain you understand the proud feeling and satisfaction you enjoy afterwards. Unlike guilty pleasures, savoring a healthy meal is a pleasurable experience that both your mind and body can rejoice.

Our Vegan Chicken Salt seasoning collection is a guilt-free flavor booster. For instance, if your current all-purpose seasoning contains chemicals, preservatives, or GMO ingredients, your healthy meals still have some room for improvement. We created a seasoning that could easily fit well with your delicious recipes without compromising your health and lifestyle.

JADA Spices offers six distinct flavors, each with a unique taste to complement specific recipes:


Chicken Salt Grilled Cheese Recipe

Chicken Salt Grilled Cheese

From snacks to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Chicken Salt is the perfect addition. The great staff at 37 Cooks created some fantastic recipes for all occasions! For instance, if you love a classic snack, then the "Chicken Salt Grilled Cheese" is a must try recipe! Choose your favorite cheese and bread, and enjoy a tasteful blend of spices in every bite!

Chicken Salt Mixed Vegetables Recipe

Mixed Vegetables with Chicken Salt Spice Blend

If you prefer to remain true to the "vegan" in Chicken Salt, this next recipe is a great start! With an assortment of colors, this "Mixed Vegetables with Chicken Salt Spice Blend" recipe is filling enough to be eaten alone! The zestfulness of Chicken Salt Lime combined with the flavorful tastes of salt and garlic will bring out the flavors in this melting pot of vegetables.


Chicken Salt Shrimp with Avocado Sauce Recipe

You're also more than welcome to combine the Mixed Vegetables with this next recipe: Shrimp Linguine with Avocado Sauce! With a creamy avocado sauce seasoned with Chicken Salt Lime, you will surely not miss the traditional Alfredo sauce that normally accompanies this recipe! The shrimp is seasoned with our Chicken Salt Red Pepper flavor, so expect a nice spicy kick that's very well balanced by the avocado sauce!


Chicken Salt Lime recipe

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad

Craving a classic chicken salad but with added flavor? 37 Cooks put together this Tex-Mex style Grilled Chicken Salad with corn, black beans, and grilled chicken, all seasoned with our Vegan Chicken Salt Lime flavor!

Chicken Salt red pepper pasta recipe

Red Pepper Chicken Salt Burnt Butter Pasta

A dish for the Angels! Pasta is always a great quick dish that fits almost every occasion. Though this recipe is quick and simple, the butter, parsley, and Chicken Salt Red Pepper flavor seasoning will convince anyone you spent over an hour making it! For a Vegan twist, simply substitute the butter.

chicken salt flavors recipe

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

How often do you see seasoning being used as a "dipping sauce?" With our Chicken Salt seasoning collection, anything is possible! A filling snack that is best enjoyed with a cold beverage, this recipe looks absolutely delicious! You will definitely need to plan ahead and take a close look at the recipe, but your guests will thank you with every bite!